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Ongoing film Project

#tsunami #nuclear #fukushima #covid19

Director | Kazuma Obara


Cinematographer | Hiroshi Okamoto / Hajime Kimura / Kazuma Obara

Music | Ryo Kamizuru / Yoshiki Ichihara





2020.08 ​小原一真

Blueprint | Fill in the blanks

Blueprint | Fill in the blanks


When I started shooting my film in summer 2019, I began my experiment to video log the chemical reaction of a cyanotype-emulsion coated hemp paper getting hit by the waves of the sea at post-disaster areas affected by the tsunami and nuclear accident. The shapes of waves,
the sun, the sea, and the unique constituents of each place marked onto the support medium generate a chemical reaction with the emulsion. This was an attempt for me to gain, through visual expression, a new perspective on a landscape that has been labelled with a specific
meaning since the accident. Then, COVID-19 broke out in the midst of it. Something that I recollected greatly during my time of isolation was the discomfort I felt towards the 2011 coverage of the workers at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. They might have reported the numbers to describe the scale of the damage, yet the individuals that could replace each number remained invisible on the media. The physical disruption accelerated the maldistribution of information and turned the envisioning of such invisible places and people,
even more difficult. And like that, even those who needed protection somehow became the target of the rage fueled by fear and anxiety. In May, I started photographing the COVID-19 infected victim’s care facility for those with minor or no symptoms. Visiting invisible places and
listening to those who were never given the chance to speak. I hope that the expressions formed in such a way, allow connecting the divided and that they become an occasion of any sort for those that are thinking of others.

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